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The Beauty Behind The Business - Business Access TV

In recent years, the makeup industry has witnessed a remarkable surge in popularity, as beauty enthusiasts worldwide embrace cosmetics as a means of self-expression and empowerment. In this flourishing landscape, many individuals have turned their makeup passion into successful careers as makeup artists, beauty influencers, and cosmetics entrepreneurs. Among these entrepreneurs is Gabrielle Waite, the owner and founder of Gabby Glam Co., who has revolutionized the carnival scene in the Caribbean.

Gabrielle Waite, known as Gabby, stands out as a beacon of creativity, skillfully transforming faces into works of art. Raised in Kingston, Jamaica, Gabby discovered her love for makeup early on, drawing inspiration from nature's vibrant hues. She pursued her passion professionally and swiftly rose to prominence as one of Jamaica’s leading celebrity makeup artists.

Gabby's dedication to building a strong clientele and reputation propelled her success in the field. One of her most lucrative ventures is the annual Carnival Glam Hub held at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, renowned as the premier Carnival Makeup and Glam Concierge service in the region. This year marked the 6th edition of the event, expanding its reach to nine countries, including seven Caribbean nations, Canada, and the US.

In a recent interview with BATV, CEO Gabrielle Waite revealed that Glam Hub experienced a significant increase in bookings this year, resulting in job opportunities for 170 Jamaicans. She also outlined the company's expansion goals, aiming to extend Glam Hub’s services to every carnival-hosting nation while prioritizing service enhancements.

Throughout its existence, Carnival Glam Hub has garnered substantial sponsorship from leading corporations, offering an array of services from makeup and hair styling to breakfast, photoshoots, massages, and shuttle services to carnival bands. This year, Scotiabank Jamaica sponsored makeup and photoshoot packages for lucky competition winners.

Jodi-Ann Campbell, Brand Manager for Red Stripe, one of Glam Hub’s sponsors, expressed satisfaction with their sponsorship for the second consecutive year, citing patrons’ positive feedback. Red Stripe provided welcome drinks and operated a booth offering beverages at Glam Hub.

Gabby acknowledged the invaluable support from sponsors and the government, including security assistance. Kibwe McGann, Business Manager for the event, emphasized Glam Hub's aim to provide a comprehensive carnival experience for revelers.

Gabrielle emphasized Glam Hub's willingness to partner with budding beauty professionals seeking carnival opportunities, offering essential publicity and exposure.

In addition to Carnival Glam Hub, Gabrielle owns Gabby Glam Cosmetics, offering lip products available locally and online. She was honored with the prestigious ‘Distinguished Award’ in October 2023 for her contributions to the beauty industry.

Despite her rising success, Gabby remains grounded, seeking new challenges and opportunities. In January 2024, she diversified her portfolio by venturing into real estate, operating an Airbnb property in New Kingston called "Solace in the City," offering makeup services to guests.

Gabrielle Waite's journey exemplifies the evolution of the makeup industry as a thriving business.